Mum’s Fresh Home Style Cooking

Our mum’s traditional cooking style is drawn from centuries of
Italian heritage in her home village.  We loved her food so much we
employed her. With 45 years of experience and a passion for fresh, healthy
food, its no wonder people keep coming back and back.



We love food.  Eurocafe is the outlet for our passion…

Construction started in 1999.  Our soon-to-be-café was just an empty factory unit shell.  At the end of April 2000 our dream finally became a reality and Eurocafe opened.

Since opening we have been overwhelmed with the support and demand from our local community.  We have expanded, opening a front of shop, adding seating and increasing sheltered outdoor areas.

Eurocafe can now seat 60-70 people at a time.  We also deliver meals and manage event catering. We are continuing to explore opportunities to connect with our local community and to innovate and expand.

Latest Project

If the daily rotation of different pasta, chicken and beef meals, and fresh salads, still hasn’t won you over, our latest innovation is the installation of a char grill.  So not only can you get great Italian food, you can get mouth-watering T-Bones too.

Did We Mention the Coffee?

We are a café after all!  Whether you need a daily dose each morning or regular top-ups through the day, our coffee is first class. Unique flavours developed through careful bean selection and local roasting.

Come smell the aroma and taste the coffee.

Social Hangout

Some of our customers have kept coming since we opened over 15 years ago – they have become lifelong friends.  Whether you’re looking for great food or simply a nice place to relax or hold a meeting, we love to help.

Enough Said

There’s only one way to find out how good our fresh home style Australian and European styled foods really are....You’ve read our story, now drop in and try the food!


Café of the
year 7 times…

Food isn’t simply sustenance. It’s not even just about flavour… We believe food is art. It should entertain the senses and create memorable experiences.


Entertain your senses.

  • Taste the classic European flavours
  • Smell the aroma
  • Feel the textures
  • Admire the presentation
  • Hear the satisfied customers